Researching appropriate type families for use in editorial setting

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Hi all,

Am currently researching type families for use in a general-interest magazine that will be produced. The design is being generated from the ground up with no prior style guides; as well as developing structure and layout, appropriate text and display faces must be selected.

Am wondering of any suggestions you may have for classic or contemporary faces in an editorial setting that you're feeling at the moment. Or in fact strategies you may have in place for selecting typefaces in these cases that have worked for you.

Thanks in advance

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I am currently working on a contemporary typeface named Eastburgh which can be used in headlines as well as text.
You can see samples here (in print as we speak) and here.
Unfortunately it's not quite finished yet...

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Could you be a bit more precise upon the project?
Target groups? Type of magazin? Which style is intended?
Serif or Sans … ?

There are thousands of decent text faces out here.
“General interest” is very little to start with.

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Use TEFF Collis for copy. ;)

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You need to hire a graphic designer to research this for you.

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He is one (with a lorem ipsum website might I add). Nevertheless, to offer advice we need more.

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Simon Esterson did a nice job with my Mod Suite types in the Autumn Eye.
I felt it alright!

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Hi all,

Thanks for responses. You caught me dropping in some holding text in development there Frank! It's more of a general question on practice/any recent observations really; it's always interesting to run through methods/procedures for mulling over typefaces for a print editorial setting.

From a brief perspective, things really can be best described as 'general', as items may be on news to general interest for most of the public (all ages and backgrounds), so must form a solid base for generic content; variations within a type family where appropriate may add interest, but reinforce consistency. Currently considering a sans/serif compliment: possibly a geometric for display paired with a transitional serif for body. But it would be interesting to hear of any favourites in this setting/publications or typeface selections that have caught your eye.

One thing that stood out to me recently was the Economist's Intelligent Life magazine: beautiful typography that shares a high standard with the magazine's sister publication.

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Never used, but love the shapes:Greta Text.
The site has some "in use" images.


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