Condensed Gothic with curious tuscan-like traps, New York Times Style magazine

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This sample is from the New York Times Style magazine. I'm curious about the ink traps, and whether or not it is commercially available. The handbag in the picture is part of the spread.

I somehow don't think this style of ink trap is performance oriented, as -- at least to me -- it seems to recollect more ornate antique or tuscan forms. I think it's for display, rather than for small sizes in a directory. But I could be wrong, I could be wrong.

Thank you

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It could be one of the condensed weights of Retina, the typeface H&FJ designed for stock listings of the Wall Street Journal.

A similar effect was used, more for decorative effect, in Font Bureau's Amplitude:

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Thanks Marc.

Those are quite nice. I'm sure certain typographers/type designers would cringe to see such things used at display sizes for which they are not intended. But that's not to say we can't try something new.

I was thinking to mix a type like in the NYT magazine with Psuedo* as a body text face.

This treatment is no crystal goblet, that's for sure. Plus it is a mixing of like with like, which may or may not work.

*Psuedo, by Michael Hernan. See attached. I have permission to use it, but not commercially.

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It looks like a condensed version of Bell Centennial Bold Listing with slightly altered leg of the R.

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Wow, Pseudo is cool.


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