"Causes of Mortality" multiple fonts (ornated split serif, grotesque, serif and cursive), 1858

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Hi guys. Looking for something else I stumbled upon this beauty (link is Wikipedia entry w/ hi-res image). It’s from 1858, and the author is Florence Nightingale.

The ornated split serif and grotesque

The serif

The cursive

Any ideas what these might be?

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The ornated split serif reminds me Figgins Tuscan and the cursive Kursivschrift.
For the serif, looks like a Modern... Have a look to 1820 Modern by Gilles Le Corre (and more globally to his fonts) or MVB's. Operina is also intesting...

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Of course, it should be clear that while the document was made in a way so as to resemble typeset text in typefaces in current use at the time, it is entirely handwritten.

And, of course, 1958 is a typo for 1858.

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Do you think so? I first had that idea, but en I thought it might just be uneven printing and years of wear and tear. Edited the title, btw.

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