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I have an issue... Bitstream Vera is too tall. I have a bitmap version of Bitstream Vera Mono I use for programming, but if I mix in Bitstream Vera (to make it easier to read comments in the source code) then my editor increases the line spacing by one pixel (I assume it uses the tallest of all the fonts it is going to use) and I lose 5 lines of code per screen.

All I have available to edit the font is Softy, but I'm not sure if that is sufficient because it isn't clear to me what is causing it to be one pixel taller. How can I make it shorter? If I can't do it with Softy, would someone be willing to do it for me? If so, please rename the font to "Lava" (per the Vera license the name must change). You can find the font here:

TIA! :-)

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Thanks Tiffany.

I should mention that the characters in Vera at 9pt are the same height as my 9pt bitmap version of Vera Mono. Well, all the characters I looked at atleast. Maybe there are a few characters that are slightly taller and are causing the extra pixel? That is all I can think of, or maybe there is some setting in the font header for this.

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You need to take a look at the vertical metrics values in the font OS/2 and hhea tables. See this thread for a detailed explanation of how these values should be set. You can probably figure out by how much to reduce the ascender values in order to give Vera the same linespacing as the bitmap font.

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Thread Moved: Nate is having problems with his Bitstream Vera.

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