Question:About Details Magazine?

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does anyone by any chance know what type name of Details Magazine Masthead is.. ???

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Angel, post this at the Type Idenification Board and please include an image in jpg format. Edit it to just the type you want to ID but don't make the sample too small.

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The Details logo is set in September, by Hubert Jocham, which the magazine also uses for text and display. The magazine's serif face is Enigma, by Jeremy Tankard.

(Thanks to Ole Sorensen, who first pointed me to Mr. Jocham's work a couple years ago when I was a Typophile newbie!)

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The typface used by Details is called "September" and is currently exclusive for the magazine. There might be a solution for you though. Details have been one of my regular magazines for many years and I was slightly inspired by September during my process of making "Sophisto". Have a look at:


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