Communication Accademy Logo and AD

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HI Ppl!
It supposed 2 b the new logo and advertisment of a Hungarian Communication Academy. the pictures r taken inside of the academy, the 3 colours are 2 separate the general logo (orange) the hungarian divisions logo (green) and the european divisions (blue)

The posters are for recruitment of students. the one with the outlined bubbles sais: Instead of empty words. Budapest Communication Acardemy.
The shouting one sais: Is your mouth big enough? Bud.Comm.A.
i think i got troubles with the 3 logo usage together... anyone has a better idea?
(i bet cos that sucks 4 sure.. :-) )

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Well, this isn't exactly a solution, but maybe the concept of transluscent overlapping might help.

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hehe, hi online bro...
just commented ur Santa... :-)
thanks for that... but the overlapping of the handles.. i still dont like... but i will start up work upon that..

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Gregory why not be up front and ID the color coding in the talk balloons. Just keep them separate and put General in the orange balloon. Hungrian in the green balloon and Europe in the blue balloon. Why be cleaver when you need direct clean communications.

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That mouth logo is freaking me out.

Maybe that's a good thing.


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Dear Tiffany!
Thank u a lot for ur time and critics!
i never thought i will get 1080 characters in a critic! :-)

i tried to put the comments into this version. maybe its better.


So what happenes about the adverts, atthe top with the black lines:
they were only inspirational photographs i took in the school, to c what shades, what color system they might have. so they r aint designs, they r just screenshots from ACDC with the black borders on top and at the sides - depending if it was a portrait or a landscape pict. - i promise i gonna use fullbleed picts, in case of.. err... everywhere where it is possible ! :-)

talky baloon direction:
prety much u r right.. they r taking attention out of the poster. thanks. its remade.

white space? okay. i try. u might b right...
but tell me why have u thought so?
word spacing in the headlines? gee.. i soo much aint pay attention about theese. excuse me.. i'll correct it.

u say:
"talking voices making together one..."
why i havent posted this thread earlyer? :-)
i realy could tell this as the story behind it to the client... :-)

u say:
"instead of the headline mimicking the color of the logo used I think it would be really strong to somehow use the 3 colors in the logo."
i dont get this. 3 coors + black typo could get expensive. 3+1 colors in one little logo could make a mess.

what have u imagined about this?

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Thanks Darell, That was the reason ;)

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The bottom sample of the logo: I read this as multiple voices. Your idead, Scott, of somehow overlapping, could also somehow help it read more along the lines of multiple voices heard as one voice. Or something like that?

The use of the logo in the adverts and the posters: I wonder if the talky-balloon could face the other direction. Sometimes? In the adverts especially it causes visual direction away from the ad instead into the ad. Where/How it is used at the bottom of the posters however seems to be directional in a positive way.

Adverts: Not sure about the different sizes used on the black bars. Might be better if the photos could be full-bleed. They look as if they are very dramatic and I think the forceful (too assymetrical?) use of black is diminishing this.

Posters: The paragraphs seem too close to the sides, more white space? And instead of the headline mimicking the color of the logo used I think it would be really strong to somehow use the 3 colors in the logo. Maybe? The word spacing is too much in the headlines also.

Very fun solution overall.

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