Cabernet Swash - when was it created, and by whom?

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Greetings! I'm a first-year graphic design student and stumbled on Typophile while I was doing research for a project. I have tried without success to find out who created Cabernet Swash, and in what year? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Is this the font to which you refer?

Wherein it says:

Cabernet Regular Set
by Jukebox Type
See all fonts in this collection
A digital revival of a vintage, Caslon-style photo-typesetting face. The character set has been expanded and modernized. Heavy yet upbeat, the true vitality of this typeface emerges with use of the swash variant. The swash font contains several additional alternate characters, including alternate cap A, K,L, M, N, V, W, Y and lowercase ligatures for 'ki', 'ri', 'vi', and 'wi'. The character set has been expanded and modernized from the original.
This package contains:

Cabernet Regular, Swash

Copyright © Jason Walcott / Jukebox / Veer

While the proper name of the copyright holder may not necessarily be the same individual as the designer, it's sufficient grounds for further investigation. Note that this is a revival of an earlier photo-typesetting face, and may have been marketed under a different name when produced in its original form, and the original designer may be someone other than who did the digital conversion.

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Ah...I just connected that Cabernet was probably a re-imagining of Caslon Black Swash. I had already researched Caslon Black Swash for over an hour with no success of a design year. Perhaps I should change my question to:

What year was Caslon Black Swash designed? And (foolish question, but I am rather new to typography) I assume any font designated as Caslon would have been designed by William Caslon himself?

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Ed Benguiat is listed as the designer in the 1960s for Photo-Lettering, which is now owned by House Industries

Nick Curtis has also digitized it here

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> I assume any font designated as Caslon would have been designed by William Caslon himself?

Not true. “Caslon” has been co-opted for any number of designs, not all of which bear any true relationship to the faces cut by the original William Caslon or the Caslon Type Foundry, and some only distantly related. So it is wise to do research.

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Thank you so much for your help. Very informative and it has helped me with my project.

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