New Release: Spargo

The Spargo family of six typefaces has just released on and on Fontspring.

Spargo is inspired by 20s and 30s American typefaces, often seen on share certificates and other securities. We thought it was time to bring a touch of transatlantic boom and ebullience to our portfolio of typefaces, not to mention a healthy dose of Roaring 20s spirit. Spargo is the result, offered in six all capitals display typefaces.

Here are speciments of the six faces...

riccard0's picture

I like the overall feeling. But A's smoothness seems out of place compared to the angularity of other letters.
Also R and especially s are too wide.

sim's picture

I would'nt say that the A is out of place, if I look at the bottom right of the Z, the tail of the Q, the top right of the V or the X. However It would have been probably a good idea to use the same smoothness on the tail of the R. Nice work!

Trevor Baum's picture

Reminds me (in a good way) of the type all over the American dollar. Nice work.

Rasendyll's picture

Thanks for your kind feedback everyone. That sort of share scrip/currency feel is just the sort of thing we were aiming for Trevor.

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