FLS Underline (Font Info) doesn't work in Word, why?

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I've recently tested the Underline position + Line Thickness that you can set in the Basic Font Dimensions of the Font Info. I generated an OTF font, which I tested in InDesign CS5 with success. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work in Microsoft Word Mac 2011. When I select the Underline option I get a very thin line, close to the baseline (default setting). Changing the position and thickness directly in Word doesn’t seem to be possible.

Can someone explain me why my custom settings for the Underline in FLS don’t work in Microsoft Word? Thanks in advance for your technical feedback.

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Not all apps make use of the underline position. I believe that Word is one of them, but I'm sure someone with more knowledge can confirm that.

Jason C

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Thanks for your comment, interesting and annoying, I'll dig into this myself.

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