Verbose Mode, circa 2011 Linux - Bitmap?

When I put some Linux computer operating system Live CD distributions there is on some Verbose Mode viewing instructions. This allows the user to view the coding style text and not the Graphics Mode. I am not a font designer thus the question one here: Is the Verbose Mode font on the Linux distribution, circa 2011 a bitmap?

The Verbose Mode de facto gives the 'coder perception'. I am not a font coder, thus the question two here: Where is the Verbose Mode font and the coding style text that have font attributes (colour/italics/bold/lower/upper?) installed on the Linux operating system and is it easy to alter it to another font and the coding style text including the font attributes, circa 2011?

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For example:

Fedora Linux 14 Live CD (Press Esc for Verbose)
Sabayon Linux 5.4 LXDE Live CD

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Verbose mode is showing what your system is loading up prior to it actually fully booting into whatever operating system it's loading. It's not accessing any installed software yet.

Also, please go away.

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If my understanding is correct, there is a point during boot where the console font is explicitly set by the kernel. If you search for terms like "linux console font" you might find more information. I know that there are fonts stored in /usr/share/consolefonts on my Ubuntu system and that using the "setfont" command from a console screen (the screen you get when you hold down CTRL-ALT-F1, for example) can change the font. You can type "man setfont" for documentation. Good luck!


P.S. Usually, holding down ALT-F7 will get you back to the graphical desktop from the console. And a warning: I've had systems where switching to console and back was dicey and tended to put the system's video card into a bad state. But on most it works fine.

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On my Linux box (based on Linux From Scratch 5.1), it's when running /etc/rc.d/init.d/loadkeys, when it loads the lat1-16 bitmap font from /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts.

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