Roman Scherer wood type specimen, polychromatic samples needed

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Hi everybody,

I was recently asked to write a short article about typography (readers will mostly be graphic designers) for a new journal dedicated to posters, initiated by local designers. I've decided to present the Roman Scherer types as they're fascinating, Swiss and obscure. I remember seeing a beautiful specimen when I was studying in the Hague at the TypeMedia Master course.
The idea was of course to complement the article with scans of a Roman Scherer specimen. The article focuses on polychromatic types and I'm looking for some scans. The designer I know, who kindly offered me to scan pages the specimen he owns, can't find it anymore unfortunately. I have to find illustrations by the end of this week! I contacted the St Bride Library, as they have one specimen but only with monochromatic types…

I'm wondering if someone, a lucky Roman Scherer type specimen owner, would be willing to help me with this project. There's no money, all I can offer are copies of the journal and a selection of stunning swiss chocolate.

Online samples:

Here's a letter I traced from the second online resource:

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JPW kindly provided me with scans of his own specimen (online sample 2), thanks.
My article is now printed in the 1st issue of Poster Tribune. The publication is bilingual (French/English) and can be ordered on the website.

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