Do you know this charming and friendly sans font?

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I made a little collage of the available words in this positively charming and good-natured typeface. I tried 'what the font' from, but they were far off.

Anyone recognize it? Thank you so much!!!

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Avenir Heavy

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Holy moly, Dave Rowland. They're 99.99995% identical!

I made the following collage comparing Avenir Heavy, and upon closer scrutiny, I see that the a's are different, the unknown font has a more playful, youthful top curve.

And the lowercase characters in relation to the uppercase are much shorter in the unknown, while in Avenir the lowercase characters are slightly, ever so slightly taller, making the font look more mature and serious.

(CLARIFICATION: Original font on top, Avenir 85 right underneath)

Ooooh.... (font swoon)

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Thank you, Frode Frank :) I tried Gotham and it was just as close as Avenir. However, in either case, the swell of the closed circle in the 'a' (disclaimer: I know nothing about typography terminology) is slightly smaller than the original, unknown font.

The original's 'a' has a very rotund, almost child-like swell to it that's not present in Avenir or Gotham.

However, I am EXTREMELY grateful for the suggestions, and will take them :)

Thank you two again!


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Nevis is also close.

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There are some inconsitencies. The spacing is pretty bad: C|o, t|a|c|t, e|c|e etc. The e looks kinda unbalanced, and the t really is off. Also the weight issues (compare o and k) leads me to think this might be the work of an amateur. Your sample is very small, but it looks like the a is similar to the one in Mark Simonson’s Proxima Nova. In the naïve sense, it does remind me a bit of Planeta by Dani Klauser. (It’s kinda embarrasing that they refer to a type designer as a typographer, but so does the rest of the world … Yeah. Nitpicking.) If you know where you found it, it might help narrow things down.

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Looks like Atwe might’ve nailed it.

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Oh! I can easily provide more samples of the font: it's from Pixel Push Studio's website, at

I only arranged the collage here so as to save you guys the trip, and to make identifying the font easier.

I actually emailed the studio myself a week ago or so (with a very polite, albeit shy request for font ID), but they did not reply. I'm not even entirely sure if they're a running studio.

I hope the link is of help. You can clearly see how they use the font so charmingly.

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On their frontpage, it's really apparent how poorly spaced the sans is: w eb d esign. You should definitely use something else!

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frode frank, you more than won your case :)

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