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Looking for a bit more background information on Linotype's Times Ten, beyond what's presented on their site which covers the Times family. When was it (Times) redesigned and by who? Just the sort of information one would find in a colophon's note about type.


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Specifically, when was the Linotype redesign of Times into the wider Times Ten, and by who, if known. Kind regards, Luca

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You want to talk to Mike Parker of Font Bureau about this. Trust me. I have spoken to him about just this myself. My poor memory tells me it’s a version that was re-drawn from some old found 10 point specimens hence the name Times 10. I don’t recall who, but I do recall that talking to Mike Parker is a real treat. Set aside an hour. You will never regret it. Long/short, get yourself a copy of Starling.

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Wasn't it Walter Tracy?


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Walter Tracy was responsible for the Times Europa design (via linotype)

Identifont says:
Times Ten – based on the 10-point size of Times Roman, the Linotype version of Monotype's Times New Roman.
Designer: Stanley Morison
Year: 1931, 1988

Looks like designers at linotype made this in the 1980s

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