Problems in printing caps accents and lower descendents

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I'm using Fontlab 4.6 in MacOsx Panther 10.3.

I'm generating intermediates from light and black weights using multiple master weight axis. When I generate the different weights of a font (Light, Book, Medium, Bold, Black) it goes ok on the screen. But when I print them, the caps accents of all of them, except the Book weight, appear printed by half. Some of the descendents like the lower limit of "g" and florin also appear incomplete.

What's possibly happening?

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Maybe try decomposing the characters before generating the fonts (after you have generated the instances).

Do the characters look okay in the instances you generate?

Also you might try clearing the system font cache using Font Finagler, for example.

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Thanks Mark. I'll test your tips and soon I'll post the result.

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Font Finagler solved the problem.
Thank you.

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