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Are there any articles or books that I can read about doing layouts for magazine ads and the like? While my initial attempts don't look too bad, I could use some help and some principles to follow. I've read some books on scientific advertising and think I got a grip of the conceptual side of things, but typography and layout are still giving me some trouble. I'm not an advertiser at all; just trying to make some decent ads where I can "fake it" until I have some money to get it done by somebody who actually knows how. heh

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The cover of The Copywriter's Handbook is enough to scare away anyone with a lick of visual sense. But I've read the book, and it's actually quite good -- lots of practical examples.

Read Ogilvy for the Big Idea approach. Read The Copywriter's Handbook to learn how to turn the Big Idea into succinct copy.

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Ogilvy is one of the Godfather's of advertising. Perhaps advertising is looked down upon, but I find clever (ergo well-created) advertising to be better than anything in the realm of visual design. Hmm. Well, maybe not better, but I do appreciate it. Does his book have a bibliography? If yes, I'd dig through that.

Generally, anything published by Phaidon is good and informational.

Creative Advertising doesn't look bad.

I would suggest you study well-written copy in the book above (for instance) and read what Ogilvy says (for instance), before buying that copy-writing book. Although this looks good to me.

Ego --> Worth a peek.

Seems to me Wolff Olins might has something useful to say and maybe Marty Neumeier too. Al Ries, Jack Trout. Tibor Kalman. Not really ADMEN, but great writers.

If you can get your hands on a copy of Ogilvy's "Confessions of an Advertising Man" or "Blood, brains, and beer" .. those are both quite entertaining and not so bad on the informational side either.

Although, some might say, great advertising is really just a culmination of the stars--design, brand, understanding the market, writing. I'm sure someone will post and steer you somewhere else.

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