Problem with kerning "Fell Type Italic"

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I'm working on some titles in InDesign and have an issue with the kerning on some titles. Basically "W" followed by "i" and "V" followed by "i" are problematic because the dot on the i (see the attached screen shots). The obvious answer seems to be that I need to create the titles in Illustrator so I can create outlines and remove the dot over the "i" in order to allow the letter to move close together.

Is the another way I should do this in InDesign so I don't need to create imported graphics?

By the way the typeface is H&FJ's Historical Fell Type Italic

I checked the glyphs and there are no ligatures for this letter combo.


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Historically, these did not have any kerning. HF&J seems to have made that (and the ruggedness) a point. You could use a dotless i, which is one of ye old school hacks.

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Many fonts include the dot as a separate glyph. If this is the case, you could use the dotless i and place the accentdot above the ı, moved to the right. Tedious, but works.

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ah yes, I missed the dotless "i" in the glyphs. That will take care of my issue. Thanks!

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