glyph table in Illustrator

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I'm just getting ready to finalize a font and wanted to be sure the glyph table that pulls up in different software applications looked like I wanted it to. I sorted the glyphs by encoding, switched to Index mode under Names, switched back to Names mode & sorted again by encoding. I saved and generated the font.

I deleted any old versions of the font from Library/Fonts and with Font Explorer, I made sure there were not hidden caches of old versions. When I tried my font in a new Illustrator file, the glyph table was not as I had planned. It's an alphabetical version.

I am new to Font Explorer and notice that all my font weights of this family are locked. I read this means they are part of the system fonts, although I have deleted them from the system & they still show up.

Any ideas?

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  1. Switching to INDEX mode;
  2. Select ALL;
  3. SORT GLYPHS by Unicode;
  4. Switch to CHARMAP mode; then
  5. Generate your font

Sorry: can't offer any advice about Mac voodoo...

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thanks. It's working now.

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