Help with kerning this nameplate

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I was on campus yesterday and picked up a copy of the Daily Nebraskan. The kerning on the name was so bad I felt queazy.

Went home and took a shot at improving it.

Don't know the Garamond they used exactly, but came close with AGaramond Titling.

It is admittedly tricky to kern with capital A's in the word.

Am I close?

Someone else like to take a shot? Feel free.

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And this is why upper-case letters are usually set much, much more widely spaced. ;) Any solution for /RA/ and /KA/ is going to be an unfortunate one.

Here's my shot, in Berling but close enough:

I've tightened up the D and Y in DAILY, meaning it's probably a bit tighter-spaced overall than NEBRASKAN but I think that might be needed.

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It is for this very reason that nameplate’s should ideally be hand-lettered/-crafted, not off-the-shelf type kerned to within an inch of its life.

In this example, especially, the RA and KA combinations require custom treatments.

Steve — your exercise is passable. The RA in particular still needs considerable attention, but suffers from the limits of the particular leg in that face.

BTW, the base type in the original looks like Stempel Garamond to me.

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Thanks. Nice take.
I might try take a knife to the leg of the R but that means the K is next.

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