Baker script, second attempt

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I posted this question last week, but alas, did not get a response.

In the spirit of determination, I thought I would ask one more time.

Does anyone know this font?

Baker logotype

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Giving the apparent date of the ad, I would say handwritten.

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Thank you for your response riccard0 .

My feeling is, it is a font because the letters are too consistent and unfluctuating to be hand drawn.

The 'u's in 'Furniture', appear to be identical, as are the 'e's in Baker and Furniture.

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the letters are too consistent and unfluctuating to be hand drawn.

Lettering like this would normally be drawn at a much larger size, so accurate measuring is easier, and slight irregularities would be lost in the reduction to print size. Use of photostats, tracing and skill at drawing could all contribute to the type-like precision.

Do you have a larger version of the old advertisement? Given the age of it, that swashy script would be quite difficult to set with type.

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Hi Justin,

Thank you so much for your insights.

Larger version of Ad here:
Baker Ad Large

The web site where this ad is sourced from, titles the Advertisement as being from 1972, though the logotype was probably created earlier in the 1960's.
This 1963 ad shows the logo in use.

Original source:

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Here is a piece of Baker furniture from the 1940s, on
You can see an early iteration of the logo on the badge. See last image.

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The text font in that ad appears to be Typo Script. I did a partial digitization a few years back. If I had to guess, I'd say that the logo itself probably is hand-drawn. Note, in particular, how the join from the "r" to the next letter is different in "rn" and "re". Either they had OpenType back then, or it's hand-drawn :)

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Thank you Raph.

I agree the Baker logotype was probably hand drawn,
though the text in the Ad could be phototypesetting.

And yes very similar to Typo Script!

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