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I have recently concluded my first font on Fontlab. It is a Latin base character. I have been testing out the font on programs, like Illustrator, and I have noticed a problem when I write the diacritics. Everytime I write the diacritic Illustrator automatically changes the font to Myriad. I have tried fixing the problem on Fontlab by going on the Glyph Properties window and assinging the OT to simple or ligatures, nothing works.

I have inserted an image into this post to better illustrate my problem.

Thank you.

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To ask a pretty basic question:
In your font, did you include the glyphs using diacritics? (/atilde /aacute /agrave etc.)
It sounds like AI is falling back to Myriad, as the glyphs are not included.

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This is unfortunately pretty normal, try to apply the font from the menu again while keeping CTRL pressed. I guess you didn't set the right encodings in the font info.

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