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Since working on Aubaine and New Dutch Sans (which are still not finished), I've had some new ideas. Eastburgh is one of them. Please comment!

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not bad at all!!!
not my favorite type of typeface (in terms of aesthetics), but it is very solid and the small caps work really nice!
good work!

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It's very distinctive. I'm getting an Emigre vibe from some of it. I don't get the straight /J/. If you cut the serif off the right side, sure, but... It that a regional convention somewhere? I think the /j/ works alright, though it's still a bit strange.

The color seems consistent, except that /M/N/W/ appear a little bit heavy in text (just assuming on the W since I couldn't find any in the test paragraphs.

I find double /f/s to be distracting in text (on page 4, my eye is drawn straight to "souffle" and "effet"). Maybe you should make it a ligature with one of them on the baseline. Having single /f/s go to the descender line is fine.

The last little thing I see is that /%/ looks light.

It looks great though, overall. I could definitely see using it.

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Thanks Andrej and Tristan! Nice to get positive feedback!

Perhaps not to everybody's taste, but hey, you can't please them all!

There's no convention on /J/, it's just me ;-) Although it sticks out, it sticks out if you know what I mean. Not sure I want to change that.
I'll take another look at /M/N/V/W/, lighten them up a bit (and put them in some text).
I'll also make a ligture for ff, I've already got some ideas. /%/ and other less used glyphs like it need some more attention anyway.

Thanks again, I'll update soon.

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Mmmmyeah. I don't know that the /J/ "sticks out" so much as masquerades as another glyph.

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you can say, it is you, but you also can say that /J/ sticks out just so much, that the majority of people might not buy/use the typeface just because of that. ;)

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Nice idea - reminds of the quirky, industrial curves of plumber's piping.

If this is meant to be a display typeface, why show it at such small text sizes? Show how it would really shine - magazines, headlines, logotypes, whatever you think.

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Eastburgh has been released by MyFonts.com here.
Please check out the design for the ultrablack weight (caps only for now).

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very nice!

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Working on the italic as well, please check it out (see also PDF above)!

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Very cool.

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Thanks Ray!

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true about the j tho.

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