Presidential pangrams

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Happy President's Day!

My "Daily Pangram" blog is featuring a pangram about a different U.S. President every day of this month. Some of my favorites so far:

* Roosevelt’s major buzzword: “Square Deal.” His maxim: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

* Informed that Prez Calvin expired, a big jokester queried “how can they tell?”

* Prez Hoover is acknowledged as a jerky executive, but his dam is quite fab.

* On jaunty Franklin’s watch, government’s size expanded quite a bit.

* Before quitting the prez job, Ike reviewed the military-industrial complex.

* Defying the Soviets in a Berlin square, Prez JFK exclaimed he was a donut.

* Prez Richard M. Nixon requests you avoid talking about JFK & Watergate.

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