What the good sites of the open source fonts which are under GPL?

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Hello everybody!

I'm looking for the good sites which have many and many open source fonts which are under GPL for allowing me to modify and project the fonts for Ubuntu themes.

EULA, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 and CC BY-ND 3.0 s-u-c-k!

I need the open source and free fonts for projecting the Gnome and GTK themes for Ubuntu.

Do you know some good sites of many and many open source and GPL-like fonts?

Thank you!


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See: http://www.openfontlibrary.org/wiki/Existing_Free_Fonts

And go to the final page and see "Freeware Fonts"

No, no, no.

All these typodesigners, as Ray Larabie, Klein, and other don't allow to distribute, re-distribute and to derivate or remix their works, according their EULA. They don't want and won't hear the OpenFontLibrary's persuasion. These fonts are closed source while Linux is an open source software.

I found the Ray Larabie and other proprietary typodesigners freeware fonts housed on Ubuntu software center. Then why did Ubuntu house the Ray Larabie and other proprietary typodesigners closed source freeware fonts on its software center?

I'm against the house of Ray Larabie and other proprietary typodesigners fonts on Ubuntu because they're closed source! The closed source fonts, although are freeware, mustn't be housed on Ubuntu or any distros of Linux!


Because the users of Linux know what open source is and Linux is open source, if they know, they'll think all which are on Ubuntu are open source, then they'll modify and [re-]distribute the Ray Larabie and other proprietary typodesigners fonts without realizing that the derived works and [re-]distribution aren't allowed by Ray Larabie and other proprietary typodesigners!

I know you would tell us that there's description in fonts, but not all will view the fonts, not all know English, know reading in English and what EULA is!

I know you would say they can take the free-ware fonts on Ubuntu but they can't derive your works for projects and themes of Ubuntu or other. But if they want to modify? The closed source fonts mustn't be housed on any distros of Linux, only the open source fonts must be housed on Ubuntu or other distros of Linux because the users want to modify.

Then I'm against the house of closed source free-fonts on Ubuntu!

I'm fundamentalist and fanatic Linuxer.

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Hoo-boy! You make me look conservative (ACK!! I just said the C-word! I need a brain bleach IV, stat!)

First, check the Open Font Library. Dafont has both for-free and freely-available fonts, and usually marks which is what. Similar with Font Squirrel; just step quickly past those fonts with the word "offsite" in the download link.

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Té Rowan, Dafont and Fontsquirrel aren't sites of open source fonts, are just sites of freeware fonts. Open source and freeware are different things. Open source is GPL-like e CC BY-SA-like, or I mean open source allows to modify, distribute and redistribute. GPL and CC BY-SA are different of EULA which doesn't allow to modify the fonts.

Many fonts of Dafont and Fontsquirrel are under EULA and not under GPL or CC-BY-SA.

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The Google Font Directory lets you browse all the fonts available via the Google Font API. All fonts in the directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and are served by Google servers.

The fonts are also available for download. A monetary donation is requested but not required at time of download.
Most are licensed under SIL or Apache terms, but there are other licenses used as well. Check each font's detailed information page for its specific license.

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As I said, they host both for-free (freeware) and freely-available (open-source) fonts. I checked.

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