1960's Instrument Panel Typeface

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Hello, this is my first time crowdsourcing the Typophile community for help with ID'ing a font, so I hope you can help me.

The type I'm looking for was used on a lot of instrument panels in the 1950's and 1960's, (please see photo for reference). It has a very antiseptic, technical quality to it, similar to OCR B (although I know that's not the one.)

If you can hunt this one down or other typefaces that have the same feel, I would be most appreciative.

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Fascinating request - I was just about to ask the same thing! I was in a hospital emergency room last night (don't worry, nothing that serious) and I saw the exact same etched typeface, with the distinctive /G/ and the clean style. Doubt it's been digitized or even existed outside whatever signmaking machine produced these, but learning their history would be very interesting.

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Most likely done with a Leroy Lettering Machine; a reasonable facsimile thereof resides here...


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Bryant Condensed from Process Type Foundry is pretty similar.

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Yep, Planscribe is pretty close and works perfectly. Bryant Condensed is also nice. Thanks a bunch!

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For future reference:

Engineering Plot by David Kovalchik

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