UNO Hotel

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A logo I designed for an upcoming hotel in Riyadh. Sadly though, the owner didn't like it =(

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I like it. Unfortunately, I’m not your client ;-)

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What was the reason behind their not liking it?

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The client wants something vibrant and playful as it is only a boutique style hotel. I was brief with this info and just thinking a step forward in case they plan to expand then a re-brand wouldn't be necessary at all. Unfortunately, they did not consider it and what really broke my heart is when I saw the direction they're going to.

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welcome to "working with clients"

(seems like nice work though, didn't fit the brief)

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I don't know if it's vibrant or playful, but #1 is absolutely spot on boutique hotel. At least the kind I personally like to stay in :)

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Ratbaggy makes a good point, however, it is a great looking mark.

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