Can I change out the western fonts in Hiragino Mincho Pro for Times New Roman (at one pt smaller)?

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I use Japanese and English together a lot and I usually use Hiragino Mincho Pro in Japanese and Times New Roman for English. It is pretty easy to just use these both, but the height of Hiragino seems to be one size larger than times new roman, so it bumps up the space of the line it is in and makes the paragraph look weird. So, basically, if I make Times New Roman 10 pt and Hiragino 9 pt, it looks good, but then I have to go through and change the font of each Japanese word. Is there a way to change out the western fonts in Hiragino for Times New Roman, but one size larger for each size?

I realize these are copyrighted, but it is only for personal use. I also realize that there are Japanese fonts close to Times New Roman, but doing graphic design and being a translator makes it get on my nerves when the western fonts in the Japanese script do not flow well because they are fixed with (at least I think so). Anyway, if anyone knows how I can do this, that would be great.


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