Slab Serif in progress

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Just finished my initial rough for a new typeface I'm working on. Just have the Uppercase for now. Any comment/thoughts/suggestions are welcome. Need some fresh eyes on this. Thanks so much.

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Hey, great start! A couple of suggestions:

- The middle 'Q' doesn't really fit. I'd definitely choose the first or third, not sure which yet.
- I'd remove the slabs on the bottom of the 'W'
- Something about the 'J' looks off. Maybe the curve needs to be smoother, or the bottom needs to extend more.

Keep at it!

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Looks good! I agree with Trevor re: Q,W, & J. Also, B and S look a bit top-heavy.

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I like the feel! (I've always been a sucker for slabs)

- Given that the glyphs have a horizontal pull, the middle /Q/ seems like the best fit. Definitely not the third, with its vertical tail. If you go with the first one, though, I think the tail needs to be a bit thinner

- I agree about the /W/ and /J/, though. Maybe if the /J/ were pulled in and had a vertical serif? /W/s are tough in bold slab serifs. They look bad with bottom serifs and look top heavy without them. Without is the way to go, though, I think...

- /M/ looks uneven in weight. The diagonals are a bit too thick.

- /S/ looks a bit light. Also, its top curve looks lumpy, and I think jacobsievers is right, it looks top heavy (almost like it's upside-down.

- You might pull in the upper bowl of the /B/ just a tiny bit.

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