Seeking good, condensed handwritten font with Cyrillics

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Hi, all.

I'm seeking a nice/good/usable, reasonably condensed handwritten font which includes Cyrillic characters.
Having a good level of readability at smaller sizes would also be a bonus (allowing for longer strings within limited title space — hence condensed).

Examples of what I mean by 'nice/good/usable'…
Nothing too scrawly. No classic/classical scripts.

^^ Suomi Hand Script would be a great choice if it had Cyrillics chars.

Many thanks for any recommendations y'all can share.

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Thanks, folks.

There were a number of options in the Paratype and Tipomet selections that would fit the bill.

The Da Vinci and AndrijScript were both a bit too historical looking to suit.

I've got client sign-off on Verveine — which suits the 'looseness' of the brand — but might hold off until I've had a proper look through the Paratype and Tipomet selections first.

Thanks, again.

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