Any Radiohead Fans In Here?

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From the Terms & Conditions:

“17. The newspaper parts of the Newspaper Album are manufactured using traditional newsprinting technology. Therefore there may be unique yet inherent flaws in the quality of print and paper.”

Just ordered mine!

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yes, of course. preordered mine today as well. ;^D

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Those are features, not flaws.

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^^ To people on this forum, yes. But I'm sure there are fans out there who would complain about a "shoddy print job".

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Since they documented it, it's no longer a bug. It's become a feature.

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Ah, I get it. Don't I feel slow! It's not flawed, it has character!

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A-yup. Now you get it.

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Beautiful. Just ordered mine. I've always loved Radiohead's packaging.

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in on this.

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I've always loved Radiohead's packaging.

Same for me, until:

Edit: Yes, it was not really »packaging«.

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