Chuck Norris in the field of typography

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In the beginning was the Word. Then Chuck added other letters, numbers and signs.

Some letters are so afraid of Chuck Norris that they form ligatures.

FontLab never crashes for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris can tell whether the font is Arial or Helvetica – blindfolded.

Chuck Norris can literally draw a space glyph.

Chuck Norris knows where the circle begins.

Chuck Norris doesn’t have to make spacing and kerning, glyphs do that themselves.

Chuck Norris can use zoom tool in FontLab up to the point where you can see specific atoms.

It’s better not to see typefaces as good or bad; there is just a list of permitted fonts allowed to be (ab)used. List made by you know who.

Chuck Norris doesn’t like children. That’s why Comic Sans is on that list.

Chuck Norris once started designing a typeface when he was drunk. That night the “w” was born.

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Chuck Norris is an ultra right-wing evangelical christian douchebag.

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Chuck Norris is an ultra right-wing evangelical christian douchebag.

... which makes being an ultra right-wing evangelical christian douchebag so incredibly cool. Hey, where do I sign up?

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It's all how you work the media.
Chuck Norris is a bit of a laughing stock.
Perhaps if he had not agreed to be killed in the Coliseum by Bruce Lee in Return of the Dragon things might have been different (Bruce was the star and Chuck took the cash, putting on 20lbs for the role—though without the cachet DeNiro got for Raging Bull), or had died young.
Lee is a legend.
Van Damme gained some cred in the postmodern JCVD.
Steven Seagal…

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Chuck Norris is an ultra right-wing evangelical christian douchebag.

Exactly, and he is one of many. Creationistic riff-raff!

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Steven Seagal…

Looks like he's getting desperate...

I wonder how many people are locked-up in Jefferson Parish with Seagal on the force.

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Chuck Norris is an ultra right-wing evangelical christian douchebag.

Portrayed by the media (or on a forum like this), I’d probably be a ultra right-wing evangelical christian douchebag myself, although I don’t have Chuck’s amazing beard and differ in opinion with him on a lot of topics.

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if Chuck Norris has his own opinions he is entitled to them, just has he is entitled to his own facts.

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Chuck Norris doesn't have opinions... he has truths.

Let's get this ship back on course.

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Chuck Norris does not have truths. He has Truths (with capital T).

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Chuck Norris doesn't have opinions... he has knuckles.

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Chuck Norris doesn't have opinions... he has knuckles.

That does not work, Chris.

Chuck Norris doesn’t have knuckles. He has arguments.

The shortest type related Chuck Norris fact: Chuck Norris!!!

Chuck Norris has invented the exclamation-ellipsis. Or was it the space-ellipsis?

Chuck Norris stares the brand marks onto the rumps of his horses.

Chuck Norris faster draws a perfect alphabet, than you can draw a space.

Unable to connect. The site could be temporarily … If Chuck Norris would be the webmaster of Typophile, I had not to locally store this sentence, until Typophile is up again.

Chuck Norris doesn’t need a son, when he wants to fire at an Apple.

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Chuck Norris doesn't have opinions... he has knuckles.

... and on each of those knuckles is a lustrous beard.

Every document Chuck Norris has ever published has been perfect-bound... that is, bound perfectly by his own two hands.

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Chuck Norris can “un-404” any web server by simply staring it down... hint-hint.

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Chuck Norris shot the serif.

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Chuck Norris calls Frutiger 'Freedom Font' because its name sounds French.

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Chuck Norris biography is an entire book made of orphans and widows

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" entire book made of orphans and widows"


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Chuck Norris eats alphabet soup made with hot lead type.

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Chuck Norris thinks to rag on the left is justified.

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Chuck Norris kerned the letters in the hillside HOLLYWOOD sign with his bare hands.

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Chuck Norris's pica ruler is an AK-47

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... The only AK-47, which wasn't destroyed when he beat the whole Taliban in a calligraphy contest.


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its Chucks birthday today (really). He has reached the grand old age of 2048

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Chuck Norris wrote Lorem ipsum

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But he wrote it in good-ole 'Merican dialect

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You know the dotless i? [ı]. Chuck did that.

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Where did Chuck kick the Y?

Right in the crotch.

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Chuck Norris doesn’t need Ys.
In Chuck Norris’ alphabet, every Y is a BECAUSE.

Chuck Norris doesn’t need a counterpunch.
ONE punch is all Chuck Norris will ever need.

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There're no ?, ESC or F1 keys on Chuck Norris' keyboard... For obvious reasons. They've put multiple exclamation marks instead.

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That keyboard has since been upgraded.
There is now only one key: Delete.

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LOL!!! Good one, birthday boy!

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Chuck Norris bent the g into an @

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Chuck Norris doesn't get RSI. His keyboard, however...

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Done and dusted.

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Only Chuck Norris can understand the true meaning of a Lorem ipsum bodytext.

Small caps were all caps before they met Chuck Norris.

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After Chuck Norris, the California Job Case was closed!

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CN-designed typefaces look odd to the rest of us because he has a counter for everything.

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No wonder Fontlab doesn't crash for him anymore. He rewrote it. In IA32 assembler. Using DEBUG scripts.

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Chuck norris won't use impact for wedding invitations because it's too girly.
Chuck norris doesn't embed fonts in a PDF. He embeds them in your face.
For chuck norris, all use falls under fair use.

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Chuck Norris has singlehandedly liberated his own news network

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Chuck Norris invented the sans Serif because he thought serifs were for little girls.

Chuck Norris individually punched out all the serifs in every sans serif typeface.

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Chuck Norris is a Cutpuncher

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Chuck Norris actually can read slashes and backslashes!

And he will kick any (back-) slash in a bar!

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Chuck Norris hates people who smoke #

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Write in UPPERCASE (in forums) means SHOUT, but CHUCK NORRIS can do that in absolute whispering meaning, and add triple exclam for do it better...!!!

In fact, Chuck Norris is the only human on the planet that can shout in low volume and can write and read all text exactly like people speak without misunderstand nor one letter.

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IF you see a stop sign with Chuck's signage font, you just better stop.

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