Lithuanian i with ogonek (i nosinė)

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Imagine the I/i of a serif typeface. Where do I put the ogonek/nosinė so they look right in Lithuanian? I gather the nosinė should be more or less visually centered below the letter as a whole. But does it attach to the right serif (right extension of the serif) or to the center of the serif? Or does it not really matter?

In most typefaces, the ogonek attaches to the center, but I have seen instances (especially bold cuts) where it was put more to the right. Any Lithuanians here who can clarify?

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To the right side of the serif – 'ish. Think of the stroke order.

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The only exceptions about ogonek positioning I know are |a| and |u| in some Native North American languages, where it is connected to the bottom middle. For Polish and Lithuanian, I'm using connections at right, except for |A|. Ogoneks at middle of |I|i| stem seems to have a weak link with the base letter and broke the flow ogonek curve produces.

Some ogoneks from a font project.

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