How to study typogrpahy in the army?

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Hi everyone, I have always wanted to study typography but never got the chance to do it. I couldn't get into design school because I don't have any design/art background. Currently I'm studying a course that has nothing to with typography/design. I have studied the course for a year and finally realized that I want to pursue a career in typography/design. I will be joining, well actually forced to do national service as it is mandatory in Korea. I want to use my time wisely in the service and study typography but I don't have a clue where to start. Do you have any suggestions on how to study typography? I'm interested anything with typography and eventually want to design fonts.

I will not be able to use a computer for personal use so anything with computer is out of picture.

Would tracing/drawing fonts help to develop typography skills? If it does, is tracing better or drawing better?

Are there any specific exercises for typography that can be done with pencil and paper?

Are there any essential typography books that I should get? The only book I have is The elements of typography style by Robert Bringhurst which I had trouble understanding it.

If you have any suggestions or words of wisdom do not hesitate to write. Thanks

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When I go travelling away from computers I take a sketchbook and draw letters and words, then once I'm back I can take the best bits and convert into ideas for fonts.

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… any specific exercises for typography that can be done with pencil and paper?

Well, – *writing*. Which can range from sketching to drawing, lettering and calligraphic exercise.
Or, you can carefully observe the typographic differences between e.g. two newspapers … will turn out telling you a lot.

Since you are in Korea I recommend you starting with your country’s own typographic culture (which is quite impressive), and later on turn to Latin or other type cultures.

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Thanks for those tips, I will try to sketch and observe the typographic difference. I have tried before to see the difference but it all looked the same to me. I guess I gotta keep trying!

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