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I'm sorry if this has been covered before. I'm working on spacing/kerning and my approach seems to be setting a string of words containing the letter I'm spacing...so for /x/ I have something like:

oxygen xanthone sixty excellent inextricably axolotl luxury excel exactly calyxes spex pixies mixing xylitol extravaganza

Can anyone come up with a suitable string of (real) words containing eth please? I know there are other lists that have kerning letters in initial, medial and final places but I'd really like a longish string to see it with as many other letter combinations as realistic. Hope that makes sense ;)

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if nobody here provides a decent list, your best bet would be icelandic wikipedia and just taking words from there. shouldn't take you too long.

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It’s possible to search via regular expressions on Google Code Search.
Not very widespread, but good for verifying certain letter combinations (Qy exists, for instance! :)

Here’s an example with ð:

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Here are all the bigrams containing eth that I found in an icelandic dictionary (used for a spell checker)

gð óð fð eð rð Eð úð yð ðö ýð æð éð Að ðá ðo ðú ið vð ðý Ið pð ðó ðþ ðæ ðí oð áð ðr ðs ðp ðv ðt ðu ðy ðb ða ðf ðg ðd ðe ðj ðk ðh ði ðn ðl ðm að Óð íð öð uð


and here are the 15 that appear most frequently, in decreasing order of occurrence

ið ði að ðu rð uð ðs æð óð eð íð áð öð ðr ðl

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Ever since James Puckett linked to the OneLook dictionary site, I've been using it for purposes exactly like this.

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Thanks for the great responses, that last one is super :)

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