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I am doing research about the souvenir typeface. But suprisenly there's not much ads on the
internet form the '60, '70 maybe '80 using this typeface. Does anyone knows a good site or book were I can find it? Any info about the Souvenir typeface is welcome too.

Thank a lot and greetings

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You'd do better in the General Discussions Forum.

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ITC Souvenir was popular in North America in the late 1970s.
You will find it in ads in mass-circulation magazines from that era, eg Playboy.
It was based on an early 20th century font "Eastern Souvenir"

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Prior to Ed's revival, the original Souvenir had been used in the 1960s, for instance in the title of an article in Playboy (yes, I have a large collection--a marvelous repository of specimens of Madison Avenue's "Creative Revolution", not to mention airbrushing technique:-)

Was that original early 20th century Souvenir ever rendered as phototype before the ITC version?

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thanks for all the info. Also the visuals on flickr are really handy.

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