Please help: leading problem in Fontographer 5 {most likely a simple solution}

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I am creating a monospaced monoheight display font were the kerning distance and leading height are identical. The problem I am having, is that when I test the font in InDesign I do not have a simple default way of getting the font leading to be identical to the kerning. This is critical as some of the ligatures are vertically oriented and connect glyphs from two or more lines.

The Font Information is as follows:

UPM size: 320

Ascender: 320 on most glyphs and 420 on the vertically oriented ligatures

Descender: 0 on most glyphs and -100 on the vertically oriented ligatures

Line gap: 20 (to match the 20 for kerning)

Safe zone top: 420

Safe zone bottom: -100

Caps height: 320

xheight: 320

Thank you in advance for your help

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Your measurements don't make a lot of sense; it might be easier to give advice if you provided an image of what you are trying to accomplish...

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Besides whatever you do with your vertical metrics, InDesign's auto-leading is 20% of the point size. So with a 320-unit em square, that would be 64 units.

You might also see this thread:

Also, you use the word "kerning" where most of us would say "sidebearings" which are a rather different thing....



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Thank you for the suggestions oldnick and Thomas.

Reading the link I got the crazy idea to lower the baseline by 20 so that the leading might be identical to the sidebearings when set to solid set. I hope. Will have to try it on Monday.

The reason I do not set the UPM size to 1000 is that the math gets too complicated for me. The xheight and Caps height are the same because the font only has monoheight caps with no descenders other than the vertically oriented ligatures.

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