Need help identifying an old school "Iron On" font

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I need some assistance.

Can you name this and better yet do you know where it can purchased as a font?

I appreciate the help.


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This came up this time last year.

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So, I guess no one knows?

It's a great opportunity to recreate. I have a friend that recreated A-Z in vector format (based on all the Bboy crew images we could pull together). I was hoping to see what other punctuation marks and such existed alongside the letters and numbers.

I've found similar "Old English" fonts but none of them are exact (see attached).

I know it was an Iron-on letter but it must or originated somewhere. I just need to find the random rare font book it was pulled from or printer (late 70's china town, NYC).

this one found at "Michaels" currently...

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The font Titania has some resemblance to it but is not identical. That's the closest I've got so far.

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I've also been looking for this font. It was used on B.A.D.'s "Contact" single from 1989.

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I'm just adding a link to your thread, G W.

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Thanks, Justin.

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The iron-on felt "Old English" letters still haven't been made into a font?

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[OT] That first image is from The Rock Steady Crew! I feel like it's 1983 all over again.

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What Font is that with Gothic Above it? (2nd one down?)

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What Font is that with Gothic Above it? (2nd one down?)

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Well after lots of searching and not being able to find it, I decided to make it.
It's very basic with a few alt characters and limited punctuation etc. But it's enough to reproduce shirt designs or knock out a headline.

Available here

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