Xmas card for Collage

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XXXXXXmas cards all around those days...
There is one for a collage in Thessaloniki.

_2 concepts as you see.
First one is folded in half to fit in a 23x11 cm envelope,
second is a double sided post-card
and i am thiking to print 3-4 cards
with different images on the back.
_The client insists on using the photos they took
from a concert they organized last month.
_What i am concerning more is how obvious is the object
in card 2 (i won't say what it is) and how can i make
the card#1 less "heavy" keeping all those photos.

Type used: Minion.


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The image is apparent and rather lovely, although the bottom branches could be pulled to the left to make more of a triangle shape; at the moment I prefer option b, the type on option a needs some work on it and some transparency to set it into the ribbon, although I would like to see an apostrophe rather than an foot mark.

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Don't neglect to use a real apostrophe instead of the foot mark.

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Christos can you substitute silver or gold for the black? That would lighten up the heaviness of the photos.

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