Avenir with Filosfia, Walbaum, Sabon?

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Hi all,

I've chosen Avenir as the font for heads and subheads for a book geared toward CEOs (the cover uses Avenir). And I'm looking for a good companion font. Does anyone have any ideas? I like Wilson as well but I need a font family that contains a bold italic. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Check out JFP's new Sabon NEXT

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You might find something of interest at MRF? Delicato could be an option? See for yourself... http://www.macrhino.com


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maybe something else by frutiger such as Egyptienne F

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I really like the suggestions, however I need a font with a bold italic in the family. The Sabon NEXT does have a bold italic but I can't afford it. Thanks...

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What is your budget? How many weights do you want (4? regular, italic, bold, bold italic? more?)? Let me know, and I'll see what I can find that is within your price range.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks so much for the assistance...Yeah I need four (regular, italic, bold, bold italic) at least. Possibly a small caps too. I really don't want to go over $40 per font.

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Hi Tamara,

Wow $40 per font, you can buy almost anything (from us at least).

My first recommendation, if you like Sabon NEXT, would be the original Sabon. They are two different designs, but the original Sabon was designed by Jan Tschichold, and is pretty comprehensive. Sabon has many, many weights, and separate Small Caps sets available, so you certainly can get a bold italic. You can even get a bold italic small caps/osf font! All weights cost 22 Dollars or Euros, plus tax. The regular weight is even availble as an OpenType font

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Thanks, Dan

I was leaning toward Sabon for the companion font. However, I've changed the type on the cover from Avenir to Agenda Semibold Condensed (the title is really long and I needed something that would allow me to bump up the size a bit ).

Do you think Sabon could work well with Agenda?

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That depends on which Agenda you mean. On MyFonts.com, I found two very different looking typefaces named Agenda. The sans serif Agenda from Font Bureau would still pair well with Sabon, I think. The other Agenda from URW++ I'm less sure about. That might call for a more robust serif face?

BTW, Avenir NEXT has a semibold condensed weight of its own. The revised/expanded Avenir NEXT is a much better family than the original Avenir, but it might be out of your budget range

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