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Greetings Typophiles,

This is my first font post to It's a silly little number called Hotcakes. I've always wanted to throw a big, fat slab serif on a lower case "o". The letterforms tilt and bounce on an uneven baseline. This is a work in progress so any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The uppercase N makes me cringe. Anyone??

Hotcakes illustrated...

Full set Hotcakes Slim...

Full set Hotcakes Bulky...

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Hi Tom

i like what i see, some few comments though...

-.i think you should solve you "n" and "m" like you did it with your "h", and maybe there you have a "u" also.

-.i like how you close the eye of the "9", maybe you should close that way your "p" an "q"

-.your UC "O" and "Q" are too open

-.your "b" looks like an "h", maybe you should close it someway

-.i think your "W" should be solve like your "V"

good luck and good job


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It looks nice, but the serifs are too heavy, and makes the typeface too complex.

Resolve it with semi serifs, you need more white spaces.

Use more angles like on the A and V on all the upercases, those curves are pure distraction.


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Just an observation: it reminds me of a cross between Image Club's Improv and Dolores by Tobias Frere-Jones, only using a more controlled vocabulary. Well, as controlled a vocabulary you can use for a bouncy display face, anyway.

Regarding Miguel's comment, perhaps eliminating some of the serifs altogether in the more complex characters such as the 3, B, H, Q, M, m, W, w

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Great suggestions all! My initial thought for the font was big honking serifs...but perhaps they honk too loudly. The characters seem to need some breathing room and minimizing the serifs will help.

Grant: It's funny, I forgot all about Improv. I thought a serif O was rather unique. Perhaps I should think again?

Is the font lacking a funk factor? Should I loosen it up a bit like Delores?

I'm going to upload another work in progress called Boneyard and would like to get your suggestions.

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Well, I sort of started from scratch and no letter was spared. The face is overall more controlled and condensed (and slightly heavier). The serifs are smaller and many letters were simplified. Most letters still jump and step, but in a less random manner. The Q, E and l each have an alternate.

I experimented with sharp strokes for the UC, but it became more somber and seemed to lose it's playfulness. So I went the opposite direction and tried to round strokes where possible. I'm wondering if I should take this approach with the X, x, y, V and v.

Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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Hey Tom.

I'd really like to see a couple headlines or short passages set this version. The new loopy lowercase 'l' and the alternate 'Q' are nice departures.

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Hi Grant: I've revised some of the letters because they seemed stiff and lifeless compared to other characters such as the "l" and "g". There are also some weight issues I need to resolve.

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Hotcakes is a playfule type face.

Complete with alternates.

Any word on its release at

Yours truly,

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