Steve Heller article about Nazi Graphics Standards Manual.

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Adolf Hitler was one of the best art directors in human history.

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As it happens, the book - oh, sorry, another book mentioned in the article you linked to - is conveniently available.

Also, I recognized too that I had seen some pages from that book in a book on insignias that was on display in my local public library a few years back.

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Wow -

Even in Seattle you'd likely get your arse kicked for wearing these.

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Perhaps there is a chapter titled "Mein Grid" :-)

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@Sii - Especially in Seattle. Wrong Führer, you see.

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My opinion of the Obama admin. is not the greatest (about equal to that of any other cabinet), but this LaRouche twat and his minion twats Deserve To Lose.

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Yes: followers of Lyndon LaRouche are not comparable to someone just wearing a silly T-shirt.

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