How legible is Oberon Serif

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Is Oberon Serif Book considered a legible type for large amounts of text? This is for a brochure targeted to a broad range of ages, including elderly.

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You gave us the link to the small cap version; the real thing is here :)

Large amounts of text, meh, if it's printed well I wouldn't complain, but it doesn't exactly have a lot of contrast — why don't you try and see for yourself?

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The paradox with Oberon (and other fonts like it) is that it's totally NOT readable in long texts, but reading a lot of text in it is the only way to forget how ugly it is too. :-/

What's the brochure about?


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If you use the version with lower case, instead of capitals and small capitals, it is legible and beautiful... but I still would not recommend it, from the sound of your question. If the brochure is to be very readable even by elderly people with poor vision under poor lighting in a hurry - perhaps it is a booklet of instructions of what to do and who to call in an emergency - then something bolder would be required.

If you want to take no chances, use Century Schoolbook.

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I think the main problem here is that the Book version is way too thin for larger amounts of text (at what is usually understood by ‘text sizes’). Something between the ‘Book’ and the ‘Bold’ (probably closer to the Bold) could work.

Have a look at these two:

(however, I wouldn’t recommend to use Barbedor on bright white paper – the darker, the better!)

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Incidentally, my quip about Century Schoolbook reminded me of something... recently, but I can't remember where to find it again, in some specimen book or other, in addition to Century Expanded (and, presumably, some other members of the Century family, like Century or Century Roman itself, Century Oldstyle, Century Catalogue, and Century Schoolbook) there was an example of a typeface named Century Wide.

I thought it might have been in one of the earlier ATF specimen books where the Century series appeared - or perhaps in something from Linotype when they licensed the trademark, but so far my search hasn't turned up what I thought I saw.

Century Wide had much the same proportions as Century Schoolbook, not being a bit narrow like Century Expanded... but not Century Schoolbook's heavier weight, or serifs tending towards Clarendon.

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