Font with "No." glyph

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I know I've seen "No." (as in "number") in some font or other, retro style, maybe a wood type font? Can't locate it (it's difficult to google for). Anyone?

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Unicode U+2116, NUMERO SIGN.

Times New Roman has one, in what seems to be its slightly peculiar script-like default style. Unless you were looking for a real cowboy woodtype one?

Since you now have the unicode, you could use UnicodeChecker, for instance, to find all fonts containing this glyph.

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I was thinking of a semi cowboy one, a heavy italic serif with the "o" above the baseline.

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It should be in any font that supports cyrillic.
But maybe you had in mind something like Brothers?

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Brothers is very nice. Thanks!

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You can also look for "catchwords":

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Let's not forget Georgia's

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For your application, is it cheating to write N then º?

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№ sign is used in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and means "number" (it has the same function that # in English). It is an old sign with decreasing use nowadays, but still widely found in many serialized itens (receipts, periodicals, numbered options). It's also usual in ads to indicate the "best" product or choice ("the Nº 1").

Numeric indication is very common in Portuguese (as "this is the rule n° 4"), but in this context numero sign is usually not used. Instead of it, is simply typed n followed by masculine ordinal, a better form to continuous text as № is usually made with uppercase N and may have a slight ornated design. I believe the same occurs in Spanish. Not sure about French and Italian.

№ is available in many fonts and some even offer the variation Nº/nº to be used in upper/lowercase context. Rarely there is also a small caps variant.

Numero sign is build with a N/n, a lowercase o and a dot or horizontal bar. Note the o abbreviates the word (numero) so it must not be replaced by zero.

For Portuguese and Spanish typographic style, proper design of numero sign must use a superscript o underlined or with a dot below. If a bar is used, it must be positioned near the o and not at the baseline. But if a dot is used, it must be aligned to baseline because it is actually abbreviating the word (like n.).

It's also possible to build it with N+º+dot with negative kerning or N+underlined º.

Some fonts with well-designed № sign: Candara, Georgia, Linux Libertine (free), Monotype Corsiva, Times NR, Verdana, Brioni, Greta, Fedra, Novel Pro, Minion, Myriad, DIN Text, Beau, Centro, Arno and all Parachute fonts. An especially good one is the numero sign of Girando Pro.

Other common fonts with № sign, although not using the best design for it: Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Century Schoolbook, Corbel, Consolas, Courier, Doulos, DejaVu, Droid, Liberation, Lucida, Palatino and Trebuchet.

The sign is lacking is Utopia, Freight, Charter, Barmeno, Evo and in all fonts from exlijbris and CheapPro.

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You can check a listing of all the fonts with a numero glyph on MyFonts using the "available characters" filter in their advanced search.

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{I was thinking of a semi cowboy one, a heavy italic serif with the "o" above the baseline.}

Oops. I think I missed this little blurb earlier.

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Don't forget Numbers Strasse from H&FJ. Comes with a beautiful set of numbers as well.

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