Industrial Sans with great small caps?

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Hey guys. I'm trying to find a great industrial-looking sans-serif font, much to the feel of Futura when done in all/small caps.

The problem is my version of Futura adds quite a bit of weight to the caps compared to the small caps, and throws off the delicate balance I'm looking for. I'd love something with a bit more consistency between the weight of the full caps and the small caps, and that looks great tracked out pretty openly, but still reads well at small sizes. It will be used surrounding the outer edge of a circle logo element in what looks very much like an old service logo from the 50s.

Thanks ahead of time.

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Have a look at P22 Underground Pro! Caps are often heavier than the small caps, for good reasons, but Underground comes with an extra set of them. There might be a cut of Futura out there tuned more towards German with lighter capitals. I’m sure someone with more knowledge will chime in.

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This might be close to what you are looking for:


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Lapidaria is beautiful, Andreas. When will we see italics?

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Futura Small Caps *does* exist:

Or you were looking for another small caps sans, similar to Futura?

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Lapidaria … When will we see italics?

When do you need it?

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