Importing PARTIAL kerning

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Hi all,

I'm working on a font family that is a script with four different styles of the script plus a Pro version that will contain ALL the glyphs from the original four. One of the font versions of the family has more ROMAN style caps that can be used for ALL CAPS text. I now need to kern those CAPS in the Pro version to be identical to the kerning in the original font. In this situation, using KERNING CLASSES won't work, as the Roman style uppercase forms are so different from the original Script uppercase.

The PRO version of the script family will contain the ROMAN style glyphs as alternate characters (A.Roman B.Roman C.Roman, etc) . Rather than trying to manually duplicate the kerning pairs in question, I would like to be able to import the kerning of ONLY those characters from the Roman Style font into the PRO font (assigning the kerning to the alternate glyphs).

Is what I wish to do (to avoid a whole lot of work and headache) even possible?


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AFIK, if the Roman characters are named correctly in your .afm file, you can use the Import Metrics function in FontLab to add to current kerning pairs in the font.

One way (although probably not the easiset way) to accomplish this would be:

  • export kerning from your Roman font
  • open the .afm file in a simple text editor
  • CUT the kerning pairs info and paste them into a new text file
  • manually delete any cap/lowercase and lowercase/lowercase pairs
  • search and replace A with A.Roman, etc.
  • search and replace K.RomanP.RomanX.Roman with KPX
  • CUT and paste back into original .afm and save
  • import metrics into your new font with "Add pairs" option selected
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If you use a text editor that supports regular expressions, you can automate several of Nick's instructions.

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I neglected to mention that the fifth and sixth steps in the solution I proposed can be accomplished far more quickly in Excel, if one is moderately handy with it...

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