Any Font Editor for iPad?

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Is there any font editor for iPad available in the market?
Also, is there any way to install any of the desktop softwares (OSX or Win) in an iPad?

The only one I found is iFontMaker. I didn't try it, It seems nice, but I think will be great to have something more professional.

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There is a pretty comprehensive review of iFontMaker by Yuri Gordon -- a Russian type designer. Naturally, the text is in Russian , but there are still plenty of pictures, and coupled with an automated translation it just might do the trick.

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There's Fontula, which is similar to FontShop's Fontstruct (which can't be used on the iPad because it requires Flash).

There is no way to install desktop software on an iPad. It's based on OS X, but has a very different operating environment and application framework. The closest you could get would be to run something like iTeleport which would allow you to control FontLab (or other font editor) running on a Mac or PC from your iPad. It's useful sometimes, but not as efficient as working on an actual Mac or PC.

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