Universium - a nightmare?

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Just before I woke up this morning, a MyFonts page flickered past my mind's eye. It showed a face named Universium. More info filtered in - it was a hybrid of Univers and Gentium.

There you have it. It's now all up to you if you want to wail and gnash teeth or go ahead and hybridise them.

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A sunny pleasure dome with caves of ice.

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I woke up a couple of nights ago after finding a beautiful, leather-bound, century-old tome, only to open it and find that it was printed in ITC Garamond. I clearly remember examining the letters in disbelief.

What's interesting: how-tos on lucid dreaming often advise you to use reality checks to find out whether or not you're asleep. Books in dreams supposedly don't have any meaningful content, or randomly changing text if anything. That obviously doesn't seem to work for us :)

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At least it wasn't Times New Roman and Amelia. I doubt I would have woken up from that.

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Ready for 2002 Honest Fonts ;-)

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