Draft font derived from logo characters

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I'd be grateful for any feedback on these characters before I go ahead and make more.


They were initially for a logo so I only made a few characters but now I'm thinking of extending it into a font. They're pixel based for screen use although I might make outline versions for print later, I know very little about font creation. I'm not planning on making lower case characters because of time constraints.

Strokes are 3px thick and I've tested that it also works with 2px and 1px strokes for smaller sizes. If anyone knows of anything similar, pixel based so it reproduces perfectly on screen at this kind of size, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Thanks all.

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It reminds me of Raster Bank (http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/marksimonson/raster-bank/)

You could try to make a fontstruction out of it (http://fontstruct.com/)

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Thank you, two very good links. I've never used Bank Gothic on a project, I see the similarity but mine feels modern whereas Bank Gothic feels retro. (I hate retro).

I've bookmarked fontstruct too, I had no idea it existed. Thanks again.

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