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hi all!
i have some doubts about a concert poster for a school exercise, ive made so many and i dont know witch one to choose. Im only concerned with the typography because i think i have the right image or a good one!
here the best ones (i think)
the poster anouces some "concerts of the mist" (Concertos das Brumas),the place (Teatro Acad

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Well, the bottom left-hand one is the only one where you can read the information without something getting in the way, although the type could be a bit bigger. Maybe at high resolution and actual size, the top right-hand one might work, too. Make it easy for the reader to get the information, and maybe there will be people at the concert!

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I'm not in love with the type being forced to flush left and right. Did you try stacking the title and taking the second line and placing it somewhere else on the poster? This way you could make the type work more with the image and not become separated from it. Last, I think the headline is set too tight. It looks very 70s, just too much crashing. Did you try Initial cap and lower case?

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thank you for both for your comments,in one hand i also think the top right one and the bottom left one are the better ones, but in the other hand i think that in the top right poster our vision gets distracted with those two horizontal lines, and in the bottom right poster maybe the type is a bit small (this way the type finishes were the diagonal line starts), a good thing in this or at least better than the first is that the type is in the line of streangth between the black an the green/white area and as Steve said "you can read the information without something getting in the way".
stacking the title is a very good idea i never thought in doing it, as also the ideia of placing the second line in another place,(i was trying to "make" a rectangle with the type thats why the type is "forced"), inicialy i did try initial cap and lower case but i give up on that because of the rectangle idea...
both gave me lots of stuff to think about, i think im going with the second poster after some changes..
txs again!

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I like the top left,
because that image is very cool
and I would keep the vertical direction
of the text (visually you already have
three horizontal areas). I like it white
(light) but I will play some trick to
increase the contrast, pro legibility.

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Mais um de coimbra por aqui? :-)

Change the C

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i also like the two first ones, maybe the second because of the red letters(is better to read) but the first should work well with a little bit of contrast :-) and is cheaper(because theres no red paint). i need to work on those first posters to, but for now this is the final poster! :-)

yep mais um de coimbra!
a culpa

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Hello Sergio

My favourite is the top-left.
I think you don't need nothing more
than to follow the movement
of the image.

I sent a guide of what i mean.


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well, ive gave my teatcher the top left poster with the red letters and i increased the contrast like alessandro sugested. anyway thanks for all the suggestions! :-)

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