Ferric Tide

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Hi everyone, this is my first try at the glyphs for Ferric Tide, the first of a family of serif fonts I'm doing using a bunch of old (1700-1720) maps I've found. Since my first love is antique/fantasy cartography, I've been wanting fonts along these lines and haven't been able to find any, so I'm making them. :)

I haven't yet started the kerning; I want to get the glyphs settled first.

Also, I haven't included numerals, because I'm honestly at a loss as to how to make them, and I can't imagine wanting to use this font for anything numeric. Does it even *need* numbers, do you think?

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Nice :-)
I would maintain the high contrast of the original if possible.
As for numerals, try to do them, they could be handy, especially in maps! ;-)

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numerals would add a lot to the whole typeface. Presentations could included geographic coordinates (43°0′36″N 83°41′24″W)
The current letters look great!

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Thanks for the feedback, guys, I'll take a stab at those numerals.

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Great stuff. Keep the quirkiness, but maybe even out the colour — S and T particularly look different weights here.

Though I understand what you're thinking, slashes usually have the same weight both ways.

Definitely do numerals if you can.

In a similar vein: Tierra Nueva

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Presentations could included geographic coordinates

Or altitudes (and the numbers used to identify squares on the grid).

(also, on typefaces from old maps: http://www.mvbfonts.com/mvb_sirenne/design_info)

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Oh! thanks for the advice on slashes, Bendy, you can tell I'm new at this :) Regarding the S and T, I don't really like the S either, although it's exact as far as the reference map is concerned; I'll be trying to rework that one. I think the T's major problem might be the fact that it's next to the wonky S, but I'll take a second look at that one as well.

Thanks for the link, Riccard0! If I had found that before I started the project, I may just have bought it and been done, lol. Now that I've gone through all this, though, I find myself thinking I like mine better. Of course, I'm totally biased ;)

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Carta Marina is another similar idea.

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