Delve Fonts presents Cortina by Joachim Müller-Lancé.

For Immediate Release:
Alameda, CA- February 3rd, 2011

Delve Fonts presents Cortina, by Joachim Müller-Lancé.
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Serendipity often occurs in typefaces from the hand of international, award-winning type designer, Joachim Müller-Lancé. The design of Cortina was inspired by a small shape spotted by coincidence: a tiny triangular tab in a software panel that resembled a futuristic ‘A’. Like a tailor starting a suit from a button he found, Joachim developed the entire concept from this idea into a family of three styles: Cortina Base, Slate, and Plate. Each is modeled on the same conceptual form sharing proportions, but with different features.

Designed for velocity (to make your designs look faster), “Base” first came into being, echoing chrome lettering and motorism, the skiing resort of Cortina and its namesake, the Ford Cortina sports car. “Slate” places us solidly in the new millennium with a dogged steampunk attitude and angular, utilitarian octagon shapes for the carbon-fiber set. Its heavy-duty construction is further hardened in “Plate”, where Cortina’s modular design approach becomes evident in industrial patches and rivet holes.

This new version of Cortina has been lovingly updated with outline refinements, revised kern pairs and powerful class kerning. It was remastered in the OpenType format by Delve Fonts, and thoroughly tested for quality assurance to provide you with the most reliable, high-quality digital typeface.

Cortina is best used at larger point sizes where the unique forms and details can draw in the viewer’s eye. Put Cortina to work on DVDs and video games, toy packaging, car accessories, book covers, or any project needing a technological edge, or exotic flavor.

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